Our training company is called Global Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP).

We have more than 14 years of experience in Intellectual Property education. In mid 2000, long before the term "intellectual property" was in wide use in India, GIIP recognized the close relations between legal issues and technology by establishing the country's first Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management for non-lawyers. The result: An Intellectual Property PGD Program that is second to none and that is ready and eager to equip students and professionals to deal with the innovations of the coming century.

GIIP provides courses and publications in all aspects of patent practice for professionals at all levels of experience. The company conducts training in major cities of India, over the internet, and on-site at the customer location. Our training programs focus on providing insight and understanding, and ensuring that the acquired knowledge can be practically applied. 

GIIP engages the best patent attorneys, litigators and strategists to teach GIIP courses.


  • Headquartered at New Delhi, Branch at Bangalore;
  • Mission:
    • to create a large talent pool of IP professionals who meet international standards in area of Intellectual Property (IP) laws and practice
    • to provide world-class education in all areas of Intellectual Property and Patents by bringing global practitioners, trainers and experts to train and mentor
    • to deliver training programs in cooperation with US and Europe based IP institutions & corporations and Domestic industries, academic and Government institutions
  • Aim to train science, engineering, law graduates, post-graduates, Ph.D. holders, working professionals and corporate teams to cater to the global, knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Management (full-time program; 9-month duration includes 3-month industry internship; fresh engineering, science graduates, postgraduates)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practices (weekend classes; 1-year duration; working professionals)
  • Executive Program in IP Protection, Enforcement and Management (full-time program; 2-months duration; for experienced professionals)
  • Preparatory program for Patent Agent examination for India and US jurisdiction
  • Advanced Courses, such as, IP Litigation, Competition Law and IP, Substantive IP laws, IP Licensing, Trademark Searching and Prosecution, Art & Science of Patent Searching, Chemical Patents, Drafting Patent Applications, Drafting Patent License Agreements, Patent Valuation, etc.


  • 650+ BS, MS, PhD, LLB, LLM Trained & Placed
  • 3000+ Professionals from R&D, IP and Engineering Departments Trained
  • 91% successful at the Indian Patent Agent Exam!
  • 200+ Trained for the US Patent Bar Review
  • 400+ Certified at Patent Information Specialist in collaboration with WON-GO, Netherlands
  • 75+ Certified to practice Patent Valuation Analyst
  • Present & Past Academic Affiliations
    • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
    • University of Washington, USA (CASRIP Certification)
    • GW University, USA (US Patent Law)
    • Silicon Valley Seminars, USA
    • National Law University, Delhi