The IP assets (patents, design, trade marks, know-how, copyrights, etc.) of an organization should be aligned closely with its product portfolios as well as its business strategy. This requires it to have a process to review and analyze its IP assets on an ongoing basis, optimizing those assets to minimize costs and leveraging them to maximize returns.

Whether you are considering growing or optimizing a portfolio, we give practical advice based on a thorough cost/benefit analysis. We identify strengths and weaknesses, and give advice on opportunities and threats vis-à-vis competitors.

IP Audit

The cost of maintaining patent rights increases significantly as the patent ages. Each patent office requires the regular payment of renewal fees to keep the right valid, so patent owners perform audits regularly. By pruning deadwood from the portfolio, unnecessary costs can be avoided, and funds released for protecting new innovations. However, an ill-informed decision can result in a valuable asset being irrevocably lost.

We view an IP audit as an opportunity to not only find deadwood, but to identify gaps in the portfolio, as well as licensing opportunities. Our level of involvement is determined in close collaboration. We would typically start by helping to categorize the portfolio by linking each patent family to technologies and products, and indicating the commercial use and potential of the technology - for example, breakthrough, incremental improvement, or just an alternative. We can then report on the current state of your IP assets, and recommend actions in line with your business goals.

IP Due Diligence

An IP due diligence is often required in respect of mergers and acquisitions, or raising of capital, to avoid being confronted with embarrassing and costly surprises. We can tailor an IP audit to ensure a proper assessment before any IP transaction takes place, and provide crucial details for making informed business decisions.