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We believe innovation should be encouraged and rewarded through comprehensive IP protection and commercialization. To achieve this, we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and put together the right multidisciplinary team to support their innovation, IP or business goals. We offer clear point of contact with a dedicated client partner and a team to support our client’s engagement.

We have developed a reputation for being true business partners with our clients to devise targeted, timely, and cost-effective strategies and services – so that they can realize the full value of their IP assets.

We believe that excellent services are provided by an excellent team. Our team of attorneys, patent & trade mark agents and technical assistants can handle and provide advice on intellectual property matters in a variety of fields, from software and the internet of things to medical devices, life sciences, energy, cosmetics, consumer products and aerospace.

Most importantly, our senior team members personally supervise every aspect of the company’s professional activity – from establishing a strategy to drafting, filing and prosecuting patents, trademarks and designs to litigation and IP commercialization. All our team members have been trained and mentored both on the US and European IP laws. It is no wonder many of our clients have used us repeatedly over the years.