Job title: Patent Searcher and Analyst

Job Description :

  • Patent Analytics and Landscaping Analyse patents in a particular domain to highlight the R&D trends, evolutions, alternatives and competitive intelligence in various technology domains
  • Techno-commercial Analysis Research based on patents, scientific literature and products in a particular technology domain to generate insights into the value of the technology, IP protection and overlap between the products and patents.

IP Protection

  • Patent Drafting and Prosecution Draft patent applications and response to office actions, based on technical specifications developed by our clients, to be filed in patent offices across the world
  • Patent Searching Understand the technology of and conduct searches on various databases to ascertain the novelty/uniqueness of the idea/technology.

Skill sets required:

Thorough understanding of the technology domain

Strong analytical skills

Good written and spoken English communication

Responsible attitude and ability to complete tasks in a timely manner

Well developed interpersonal and active listening skills

Job Profile:

  • Patent Landscape

To do Patent searches

To prepare patent landscape from the searches

Should know use of different patent databases free as well as commercial.

  • Infringement Analysis

Should have knowledge regarding USA, European, Indian patent system

Should be capable of doing infringement analysis with respect to formulation strategy.

Should be capable of giving independent freedom to operate opinion.

  • Novelty searches and Patent Drafting

Should be able to give opinion on patentability of invention.

Should be able to prepare provisional as well as complete specification (Patent draft)

Should know documents required to file Indian patent, PCT.

  • Identification of business opportunities

Should be able to identify and suggest the potential molecule/product for USA, Europe market.



Desired Position