Our mission is to enable the growth of innovation-based companies, by helping them secure a strong IP and patent portfolio as part of a long-term technology and business roadmap. Providing customized, practical, high quality solutions that lead to client satisfaction is our mantra and we achieve it by relying on stated core values and industry-best practices.

At CoreIP Legal Services, our core values are clearly specified:

PEOPLE: Exceptionally well versed in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, we hire only the best, fully-trained professionals at CoreIP. Executive Team Members are involved in the recruitment and screening of all staff, with every specialist has to undergo multiple interviews and hours of examination of their intellectual and professional skills. Tested intellectual skills include analytical, critical thinking, detail and writing skills. Tested professional skills include temperament, client sensitivity, ethics and understanding of fiduciary duty.

PROFESSIONALISM: We treat our clients fairly and take each of our engagement very seriously. We respond promptly to client needs, queries and requests and we are ‘there with you, when you need, and for what you need!’ We win when our client win.

QUALITY: We believe in progressive approach to serve clients and providing practical, commercially relevant and technically accurate advice. Within the walls of our organization, we place great emphasis on superior service and highest quality standards.

KNOWLEDGE-FIRST: We have passion for knowledge. In fast-moving, ever-changing realm, we maintain our expertise by staying right on top of industry-wide trends and shifts. We seek new knowledge every single day.

TECHNOLOGY-NEXT: While everything we do is customized and bolstered by personal oversight, we have adopted new technologies to enhance our services and improve communication; resulting in a more convenient and rewarding experience.

REACH: We have forged global relationships and developed an international reach through all corners of the world. We serve major industries and provide comprehensive intellectual property services to multinational companies doing business in India

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