Trademark Services

Before investing in a new trade mark, it is essential that checks are carried out to ensure it is available for use and that adoption of the trade mark would not infringe any third party rights. Our team can carry out full clearance searches to ascertain the availability of proposed new trademark and advise you on the implications of the results.

Our range of trademark services includes everything from performing searches to registering your trademark, while also ensuring other similar trademarks do not get registered.

  • Trademark Search: As is the case with patents, it is advisable to determine the feasibility of obtaining a trademark beforehand. Our search team is well-versed with the intricacies of trademark searching and will advise you on the chances of getting your trademark registered.
  • Trademark Watch: Only half the battle is won when you get your trademark registered. The remaining half is only won when you effectively enforce your rights on infringers who can potentially dilute your trademark. We can assist you in your endeavor to retain your brand name and goodwill by proactively keeping an eye out for other similar trademarks. Our team can also check if your trademark is being properly used in patent applications and other non-patent literature published in company websites.
  • Trademark Filings and Prosecution: Our team of experienced trademark attorneys are extremely familiar with the formalities that need to be complied with at the time of filing. Our team strengths include developing strategies for safeguarding your trademark and all that they symbolise, and maximising their potential.
    We assist clients in all types of trademark prosecution, including oppositions, drafting response to examination reports/office actions, attending hearings and payment of renewal fees. We also coordinate with attorneys and agents in other countries in case of prosecution for applications in other jurisdictions.