Our Executive Team is a hands-on, multidisciplinary team of legal, business process, technology, and project management professionals. Expertise is equally spread between India, Europe and the US

This multi-discipline expertise and balanced coverage in India, Europe and the US allows us to provide more comprehensive solutions and oversight than standard service firms.

The Executive Team combines over 50 years legal, corporate, business process and technical experience, including:

  • INDUSTRIES Investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, corporate counsel, launching ventures, building and selling enterprises, delivering offshore services, and running large corporate divisions.
  • MANAGEMENT Management of elite teams of 10 people to large corporate divisions of 6,000 people.
  • TRANSACTIONAL Overseeing budgets and transactions from a few hundred dollars supply purchase contracts to multi-million dollar acquisitions, sales and licensing transactions.

Our Executive Team knows the pain points that face corporations, cost pressures, and multi-discipline solutions needed because they’ve been there.


We have a team of highly qualified Indian, US and European patent attorneys and patent agents and legal representatives with strong scientific, legal and industry backgrounds. Exceptionally well versed in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, we are ideally positioned to assist clients in a broad spectrum of industries. Our attorneys have substantial legal and technical expertise, including Ph.D’s in their areas of expertise. The individual specializations of our team members ensure that different fields of technology can be handled, including:

  • Life Sciences –Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Mechanics, Materials and Engineering and Biomedical devices
  • Chemistry, including Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals and Foods, polymers and Petrochemicals
  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Computer Science

Our team of IP specialists proactively partner with our clients to devise targeted, timely, and cost-effective strategies and services – so that they can realize the full value of their IP assets. All our team members have been trained and mentored both on the US and European patent systems.

Executive Team Members are involved in the recruitment and screening of all staff, with every specialist has to undergo multiple interviews and hours of examination of their intellectual and professional skills. Tested intellectual skills include analytical, critical thinking, detail and writing skills. Tested professional skills include temperament, client sensitivity, ethics and understanding of fiduciary duty. Currently, Core IP only recruits by referrals provided to the Executive Team.