Patent Services

We offer a complete suite of patent-related services, including searches, preparing and filing applications, prosecution and competitor analysis.

  • Invention Capture
  • Prior art search services

    • Patentability Searches: Given that patent filing and prosecution involves investment of significant time and money, it is advisable to determine the feasibility of patenting an invention beforehand. In a patentability search, all relevant patent and non-patent literature (“prior art”) is unearthed, following which the invention is analyzed in relation to the prior art to determine patentability. Our multi-disciplinary search team is highly skilled and utilizes a comprehensive search strategy.
    • Competitive analysis: As an ancient Chinese saying goes, “Know thyself, know thy competition, and get it right almost every time.” Knowing about your own business organization isn’t sufficient; it’s often necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as well. We help our clients take informed business decisions by uncovering valuable information about competitors such as prolific inventors, issued patents, pending patents, expired patents and jurisdictions of interest.
    • Technology and industry trend analysis: Innovation-driven industries evolve rapidly and thus it’s critical to stay up to date with the latest breakthrough technologies and emerging trends, lest you get overtaken by someone else. We act as your eye and keep a watch out for such trends, thereby helping you in preparing for the future.
    • Clearance/ Freedom to Operate Searches: Our clearance search gives you peace of mind by determining if any new product that you wish to release into the market infringes one or more claims of a legally valid patent. This way, you can avoid expensive litigations later on, or at the very least, be prepared for litigation beforehand.
    • Patent infringement and invalidity disputes: We assist clients who are accused of patent infringement in two ways; by determining if infringement has actually occurred and if so, determining if the other patent is legally valid. The latter involves searching for relevant prior art (preferably other than those missed out during prosecution).
  • Patent Preparation and Prosecution Services
    • Drafting of Patent Specifications: Our team leverages on its extensive technical and legal expertise in drafting patent specifications that are clear, concise and unambiguous. The process of drafting at Core IP Services also involves brainstorming inventors to ensure possible future modifications are also protected.
    • Illustrations and Patent Drawings: Drawings are an important part of patent specifications, especially in engineering-related specifications such as mechanical, automobile and aeronautical engineering. Drawings help readers better understand the described invention. Our team assists clients in preparing high quality drawings that enhance the readability of patent specifications.
    • Filing Patent Applications before the Indian Patent office: Our team comprises registered Patent Agents authorized to represent clients before the Indian Patent Office, who are well-versed with the formalities that need to be complied with at the time of filing. Leave the hassles of filing to us, while you rest in peace.
    • Filing PCT National Phase Entry Applications in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America: We have a vast international network of associates who assist us during the National Phase Entry stage of an international application.
    • Patent Prosecution Services: We assist clients in all types of pre-grant and post-grant prosecution, including preparing and filing request for examination (India), pre-grant and post-grant oppositions (India), post-grant review (US), drafting response to examination reports/office actions, attending hearings before the Indian Patent Office and payment of renewal fees. We also coordinate with attorneys and agents in other countries in case of prosecution for applications in other jurisdictions.
  • Competitors’ Analysis
    • Patent Monitoring Services

      • Patent watches / monitoring: Our eagle-eyed team will proactively keep a watch out for similar applications that get published or issued so that corrective action can be taken at the level of the Patent Office itself, and thus helps you avoid prohibitive costs of litigation.
      • Technology Landscape Analysis Reports: As the name suggests, a technology landscape helps in visualizing the “big picture” of any given technology at any given point of time. Our technology landscape analysis reports will facilitate strategic decision making by helping you mine out vital information such as prolific inventors, major assignees, collaborations between companies, emerging trends, “white space or gap determination etc.