Our 8 years of practice as an IP services company and decades of experience of our team help us understand your business and effectively deliver on our requirements.

Our People
Our team includes scientists, patent agents, attorneys, paralegals and former patent examiners – individuals with highly specialized backgrounds and many years of experience within their fields. We are able to maintain the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and accountability.

We believe our success is directly attributable to the abilities and willingness of our team to please customers.

Our Values
The core of our success in creating a sustainable business is ultimately our values: delivering the highest quality, being global, focusing on talent, being value-driven, and acting professionally

Our systems and processes
We employ cutting-edge technology systems to improve our processes and efficiency. In consultation with our clients, we have developed consummate systems, which are par-excellence. Technical expertise is only one aspect which sets us apart. Our process improvement experts have examined how to provide best-in-class service to our clients. Through our formative years, we have successfully adopted only the best practices of our business. Our knowledge on the subject and our hands-on experience dictates what is right for our clients. We have examined how best to accomplish our goals and have developed unexampled processes to improve efficiency and results

Reduced cost
Our experts put timely delivery on the forefront, the projects timelines are strictly adhered to and an iterative approach to project execution is adopted

Capability to work with diverse clients
Our clients span the entire spectrum of IP owners. We have worked for multinational companies, research institutions, emerging businesses, universities and individual creators. No company is too small and no portfolio is too large for our staff of highly trained and well-rounded techno-legal professionals.

Our reach
We are an intellectual property services company that has forged global relationships and developed an international reach through all corners of the world. We serve major industries and provide comprehensive intellectual property services to geographically spread businesses.